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We warmly welcome you to our website. With us, you can visit Krakow from the unusual perspective of the Vistula River. From the deck of our Harpoon boat, you can see numerous monuments of Krakow during the cruise.

A cruise on the Vistula River in Krakow is a great idea for hot summer days, and the breeze and the roofing of our boat will make your cruise enjoyable, even during the hottest months of the season.Our captains know Krakow very well, so they will be happy to tell stories and interesting facts related to the passed monuments, as well as indicate interesting places that are worth seeing in Krakow. 

We are flexible and we try to adapt to our clients. There is a nice, family atmosphere on our cruises, and we want to provide our passengers with as many pleasant memories as possible from the beautiful city which Krakow is certainly. The satisfaction of our customers is of the utmost importance to us. We are a professional crew and fully devote ourselves to our work. We know how important it is to have fun and rest, so we are happy to combine business with pleasure, educating young people and ensuring a good party atmosphere in the evenings.

Where to find us? –

Our marina is located right next to the Grunwaldzki Bridge on the side of the ICE congress center in Krakow (place marked on the map below). You can also find us on Facebook, where we share many photos from special events and cruises. Our pier is distinguished by a large blue flag with our logo and the word Rejsy on it. It is also possible to arrange the pickup point for passengers from the vicinity of the Vistula River in Krakow in advance. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Cruises around Krakow –

A cruise around Krakow will reveal to you the unique perspectives of Krakow’s historic places, and the famous monuments combined with a great atmosphere will surely leave you with fond memories. We strongly encourage our customers to take their own well-chilled drinks on board and, in the case of a longer voyage to Tyniec, tasty snacks.

We start our cruise around Krakow from the area of ​​Grunwaldzki Bridge, where our pier is located. Sailing out on a 30-minute or 1-hour cruise you will have a chance to see unique buildings, museums and historical monuments of our city. 

During the 30-minute option, you will have the opportunity to get to know Krakow better. During the cruise in the vicinity of the historic center of Krakow, we will see the most important famous buildings of the city in the vicinity of the river, as well as the Kościuszko Mound, located away. The journey starts from the place marked on the map (near the Grunwald Bridge from the congress center). This is the shortest variant that will allow you to get acquainted with the unusual, but also captivating perspective of the city. The sights seen during the cruise are described below.

A 60-minute cruise will allow you to see practically the entire city from the river’s perspective. At this time, our boat sails to the canoeing sports club where the city ends and nature and the uninhabited area of ​​the river begins. We reach the lock on the return. It is a good choice for people who want to see what the city hides on the river and relax after sightseeing.

Our cruises run practically all day long and, after prior contact, it is possible to take an evening cruise, which we heartily recommend. A cruise through the illuminated evening version of the city is a truly worthwhile adventure. All monuments and bridges are lit at night, which gives you breathtaking memories of the cruise. 

Cruise around Krakow: Monuments –

Wawel Royal Castle –

The first and the most recognizable monument to be passed is the Wawel Royal Castle. Wawel is a true symbol of Krakow, entered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The castle of Polish kings, located on the Vistula River, has been attracting crowds of tourists for years and remains an unparalleled monument to our history. The cathedral, royal tombs, the Sigismund Bell or the fire-breathing dragon – these are objects known to almost every Pole. The city walls and the towers of the Wawel Cathedral and the famous Sigismund Bell, which is part of them, can be seen from our boat. Sailing along its high walls, you can feel what a powerful fortress in its heyday was Wawel. The castle is only one of the many historic monuments of the city that you pass during your cruises. During the cruise, you will also have the pleasure of seeing other interesting buildings.

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Monastery of the Norbertine Sisters –

The Monastery of the Norbertine Sisters is another perfectly preserved monument of Krakow. St. Augustine and St. John the Baptist and the adjoining Norbertine nunnery constitute the largest historic complex of the city after Wawel.

 It was founded in the 12th century and founded by the then prince Władysław II. The monastery functions to this day and at the same time it is the oldest female order in Poland. Due to the nature of the operation of the monastery, you cannot visit it from the inside, and only during our cruise we can admire its walls and internal buildings from the perspective of the Vistula River.

St. Michael the Archangel and St. Stanislaus the Bishop –

St. Michael the Archangel and St. Stanisław Bishop in Krakow is another medieval building of historical importance. It also plays the role of the National Pantheon, i.e. the resting place of the most outstanding creators of national art, culture and science. This 14th century cathedral, commonly known as the Skałka or the Church on Skałka by Cracovians – the name comes from the location of the Cathedral, is associated with one interesting legend that we will certainly tell you about during the cruise.

Wawel Dragon –

Of course, our cruise could not miss the showpiece of our city – the Wawel Dragon. It is a monument referring to the famous Krakow legend about the dragon, which was to terrorize the then townspeople. The monument related to the monument is the dragon’s den, which is located near the dragon. It is a place that you can enter, so it is worth going there after the cruise. Krakow legends associated with the Wawel Dragon and with Wawel itself are interesting stories that are liked by our youngest customers. All of the above monuments are only a part of the buildings that you will be able to admire during the cruise. We cordially invite you to our marina for more history of the city of Krakow.

A captivating cruise to Tyniec –

If you decide to go on a captivating cruise to Tyniec, you will have the opportunity to visit the oldest monastery in Poland – the Benedictine Abbey Museum. During the scenic cruise, you can relax on comfortable seats and admire the surroundings of the river. An interesting crossing of the Kościuszko lock awaits us right in front of Tyniec. During your stay in Tyniec, you will have an hour’s break, which you can spend on visiting the monastery or having a good dinner in a delicious Tyniec restaurant. On the hottest days of summer, it is also worth trying Tyniec ice cream. After an hour’s stopover, we will take you back to our marina in Krakow. The entire cruise, including the stopover, takes 4 hours. So it is worth taking on board: snacks and cool drinks. During the cruise, our crew is at your disposal and will be happy to answer your questions not only about the Vistula River, but also about other beautiful Krakow places and restaurants that are definitely worth visiting.

Interesting facts – 

A cruise towards Kazimierz –

A cruise towards Kazimierz is a good alternative to getting to know the city from the side of the Vistula River. During this one-hour cruise, we will have the opportunity to pass the famous Krakow bridges and interesting museums such as the Avant-garde Art Museum, and the „Manga” Museum of Japanese Art. Both objects are eye-catching due to their characteristic structure. In Krakow, by the river, there are many interesting objects that surely attract attention. These are mainly sculptures and museums that encourage visitors to see what they hide inside. This part of the city is a medieval Jewish quarter with many synagogues and other interesting places related to this religion. Historically, Kazimierz is one of the most important districts worth seeing while in Krakow. In addition, this district is also the gastronomic center of the city. There are many recommendable restaurants from all over the world, as well as, of course, Krakow restaurants with Polish cuisine.

Pope’s house –

During the cruise, we will be able to see the yellow house on the shore where Karol Wojtyła lived during his youth during his studies before he became Pope. It is a place marked with a sign, and you can get to it along the boulevard along Tyniecka Street.

Why is it worth coming to us? –

Our team is focused on the quality of service and we want each cruise to be unique for you. Our captains are sailing enthusiasts who know the history of Krakow well and are happy to share with it, educating both adults and young people. We are able to adapt to our customers, and by prior arrangement, cruises can take place practically at any time and in all conditions during the holiday season.

The cruise is also an attraction for children –

For young people looking for fun, such a cruise is a bull’s eye!

Our boat, if necessary, can develop considerable speed and provide impressions to people who are thirsty for emotions. The youngest underpants will be able to sit at the helm in a captain’s cap. Your children will be able to sit at the helm and feel like little ship captains. Safety is the most important for us, and our captains have rescue courses and are water rescuers, so they know how to behave on the water and are able to ensure the safety of all ship users.

Harpoon –

Our boat is characterized by a sporty and streamlined appearance, but in the middle there is enough space to accommodate twelve passengers and organize special events such as a Hen Party and Bachelor Party.

Our medium-sized boat is about 6 meters long and about 3.5 meters wide. The color of the deck is white and the exterior side of the painting is blue. Our boat has a roof that protects it from the sun and rainfall. In the event of a downpour, we also have waterproof curtains that completely isolate the boat from rain. Harpoon has LED deck lighting, which is perfect for party cruises. There is a color change in the LEDs option, which introduces a club atmosphere. The sound system on our boat is very good, so there are no problems with loud music and sound quality. You can play your own music. Our boat is equipped with all the elements necessary to ensure safety during the cruise. Life jackets are not obligatory during the cruise, but if someone would like to wear it for a better sense of their own safety, they can do so. Our boat is practically new and designed mainly for partying. The harpoon is also distinguished by a unique structure and a flat bottom, which reduces the waves of the river.

Occasional events –

We specialize in occasional cruises, which we carry out at the request of our clients. There are no restrictions Prezent urodzinowy –

on such cruises, and we try to adapt to your needs, ensuring the best possible memories. Each cruise is practically different, so before the cruise, please contact us in advance so that we can prepare properly. We discuss all the details of drinks and snacks with our customers by phone, e-mail or via our Facebook page.

Birthday gift –

A cruise is a great idea for a birthday gift. We will specially adapt the boat’s decor to your needs and make it an unforgettable event for you. The evening cruise is one of our special attractions. It is here where special events in the evening reach a higher level. Thanks to the disco lighting of our boat and good sound system, the atmosphere on board is comparable to that in clubs! Events on our boat are something we are most proud of. As we mentioned before, we try to adapt to our clients, so it is worth contacting us in advance to arrange the details of such events.

A romantic cruise for two –

If you want to surprise your other half, take them on a cruise for two only. It is possible to rent a boat for couples who would like to go on a romantic cruise around Krakow. Our captains will take care of the mood by choosing the right calm music, which will allow you to relax among the beautiful nature and the captivating landscape of our city of Krakow. Our boat has soft and comfortable seats, which, combined with the beautiful view of our city and your other half, will surely be remembered for a long time.

Bachelorette party –

Choosing our boat for such an occasion is a bull’s eye. Maiden evenings are very popular on our boat. Thanks to the beautiful design, good sound and adequate lighting, the atmosphere during the cruise is very pleasant. After prior arrangement, it is possible to customize the boat according to your needs. Cruises take place both during the day and at night, and the duration of the cruise is set individually with our clients. For more information, please contact us by phone, e-mail or via our Facebook page. See you on board our boat.

Bachelor party –

The Armada team invites you on board the Harpoon. A bachelor party on our boat is an excellent choice. On board you will be able to drink together and spend time with your friends in a very good atmosphere. The only limitation is 12 people on board, and we will arrange all the details of snacks and drinks with you by phone, e-mail or via Facebook. Regards, the Armada Team

Security –

Our boat is completely safe. For those who are worried about swimming, we assure you that you don’t have to worry about anything with us. All safety conditions are met on our board. Life jackets are available to everyone, but there is no obligation to put them on during the cruise. Our captains also have lifeguard patents, which maximizes safety on our deck. The hull of our „Harpoon” is constructed in such a way as to neutralize the waves of the river, which ensures very good stability during the voyage.

While waiting for the cruise, we invite you to our pier, where you will be able to use deck chairs and benches. You will find us at the Grunwald Bridge in Krakow. However, it is possible to pick up from other places on the Vistula River, after contacting us in advance.

Do not wait and book your cruise on the Vistula River in Krakow or a cruise to Tyniec today. Please call us to arrange a convenient date and cruise details. See you on board!

Best regards! – The Armada team

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